International technology group integrating R & D, production and sales.


? 80% of our directors have at least 10 years working experiences for pharmaceutical companies;

? 96.6% of directors have been working for the company more than 10 years.


? 92.3% have a background working for pharmaceutical companies

? 55.6% of the front-line business personnel have experience working for foreign companies


? 81.2% have at least an undergraduate college degree;

Using honesty as a cornerstone, innovation as a driving force, while maintaining a people-oriented business, NT Pharma cultivates and introduces new and outstanding talent. Our company constantly strives for excellence and contributes to human health.

NT Pharma’s outstanding pharmaceutical professionals provide a solid foundation for our company to become a front-leader technology and pharmaceutical company. NT Pharma will continue to improve incentive mechanisms and introduce high-end scientific research and management talent to consistently enhance our R&D and corporate management capabilities.
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